The "Good Ideas" Company®

Our History

The innovative line of staple removers you see now all began from a simple idea that was developed by Erwin Cheldin, an interprising businessman.  One day, after years of removing only half the staple with a standard remover and searching for pliers to remove the remaining half, Erwin said to himself, "I'm not going to go through this again."  Turning the staple remover over in his hand, he thought to himself, "Now what can I do to improve this thing?... Pliers would be a very helpful addition!"

Erwin made a drawing and prototype in his kitchen that led to his first patent!  Now his ideas have forever changed how staples are removed and the Erkie is now available for everyone to use!

Erkie was acclaimed the "best new desk-top product" at the biggest office products show in America.  And now, the Erkie is being accepted as state-of-the-art in staple removers.

Today, the workdays of hundreds of thousands of people are made easier because of Erwin and receives many testimonials such as:

  • "Great idea - wish I'd thought of it!"
  • "All of us women owe you for saving our manicures."
  • "For the same price, why buy the old style?" 
  • "This small tool has made my life easier!"

From the original idea that started it all, Erkie continues to improve and develop new desk top products to make life easier! 

Happy Staple Pulling!

Erwin "Erkie" Cheldin